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FINANCIAL STABILITY provides proactive leadership and considers all financial factors in order to diversify revenues, bring new jobs to Mesa, create responsible budgets, and ensure operational efficiencies.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Financial Stability?”  The Mayor and Council’s summarized responses included:


  1. Broaden overall tax base to diversify revenue
  2. Complete implementation of CityEdge
  3. Protect our shared revenue base
  4. Consistent creation of net new jobs is critical success factor for financial stability
  5. Get community to recognize that “Shop Mesa” matters
  6. Consider a primary property tax dedicated to public safety
  7. Target specific industries and job classifications that are sustainable/high paying
  8. Seek approval of secondary property taxes to cover bond debt
  9. Continue to develop tourism as strong revenue base
  10. Grow Cactus League base - add a second team
  11. Leverage under-utilized City space for solar energy development
  12. Continue to educate citizens on how our City is funded and what will create financial stability
  13. Continue to identify/implement operational efficiencies in delivery of City services
  14. Strategic expansion of Gateway for passenger/cargo


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