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QUALITY OF LIFE for Mesa’s citizens and youth offers safe and clean neighborhoods, invests in outstanding recreation, libraries and community open space, delivers transportation choices, elevates culture, arts and education, and ensures solutions are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what do you believe should be the single most important initiative to have underway or accomplished for Mesa’s Quality of Life?”  The Mayor and Council’s vision responses included:


  • Greater Access & Variety of Recreation Options:  We need more recreational, cultural, sports and public events for residents and visitors to attend and participate in throughout the entire community.

  • Downtown Activation and Vibrancy:  Having a successful transition of downtown from underutilized to vibrant is essential.   Ease the "pain" of light rail construction and build off of its presence as quickly as possible once complete.  Have a university move in to Southside Hospital building to bring students and a 24/7 presence to the area. Facilitate nightlife and more activities in the downtown area.  Work with Downtown Mesa Association to help the "rebrand" themselves and create a strong identity for downtown Mesa.

  • Downtown Night Life:  Bringing a night life to downtown Mesa, which might include a wine bar, micro brewery, jazz club etc., is essential.  This does a couple of things for Mesa:  it allows our residents somewhere to go for night life within the City of Mesa and takes in the unique/beautiful characteristics of downtown; it also changes the misperception of many outside the City who believe "that will never happen in Mesa.”

  • Culture of Investment in Quality of Life Assets:  Mesa has developed a culture of quality where its citizens are willing to invest in those initiatives that ensure we have high-quality amenities and programs throughout the city.  This culture would recognize we cannot have a great city without having great places where the community gathers to enjoy life with their family, friends and neighbors.

  • Improved Recreation, Thriving Downtown, Safe Community:  Mesa is a community that has a greatly improved recreation plan that includes a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities and a thriving downtown nightlife attracting participants from all over the Valley.  We are also a safe community that enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the Valley and that provides an enhanced and efficient emergency response system.

  • Neighborhood Cleanups would Create Renewed Sense of Resident Pride:  Mesa should invest in working with the community to clean up neighborhoods. It would allow the citizens to take pride in their neighborhoods again and help bring new residents with high standards to live in Mesa. It will help combat graffiti, drugs and gang violence in certain parts of the city. It will allow the more impoverished areas of Mesa to feel a sense of renewal that will revitalize their communities and allow all Mesa residents to feel safe and at home in the community. It will help to beautify Mesa and create an environment that is welcoming to residents and tourists.

  • Focus on Innovation – in Services, Amenities and People:  Mesa's quality of life is about innovation and thinking differently about how we as residents interact with parks, neighborhoods, arts, culture, sports, streets and community spaces. The innovative people who live in Mesa care about where they live and that is reflected in the investment made in neighborhoods and the quality appearance of all areas of our city. We aren't afraid to try something new, creatively design, or improve public spaces and embrace the diversity of opinions that accompany that thinking.

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