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REGIONAL LEADERSHIP acknowledges that Mesa’s and the region’s well being are intertwined.  We recognize Mesa’s responsibility to be a leader of and an active participant in working with regional partners to find innovative and sustainable solutions to regional challenges.
When asked:  “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe we should have underway or accomplished for Regional Leadership?”  The Mayor and Council’s summarized responses included:


  1. Mesa viewed as genuine regional leader by surrounding communities
  2. We have specifically raised the bar on transit leadership
  3. We've engaged other regional stakeholders on high-impact job attraction
  4. Council members engaged in regional activities consistently
  5. Learning from national case studies/best practices
  6. Continued expansion of our participation in the National League of Cities
  7. We have integrated a view that our long-term success is tied to regional success
  8. Our regional definition expands to international trade
  9. Engage Greater Phoenix Economic Council and other regional orgs. on role Mesa plays
  10. Consider a direct assignment for each council member to one of key cities adjacent to Mesa


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