Speak at a Council Study Session or Meeting

The Mesa City Council believes that providing access for citizens to communicate with the Council is vital for a strong representative local government.  The following are methods in which to express your opinion at various Council meetings.


Agenda Items

At regular Monday Council meetings, blue Speaker/Comment cards are available for citizens who wish to comment on agenda items. Or, you may download a copy of the comment card and hand it in at the Council meeting.

Please note items listed on the agenda with an asterisk are part of the consent agenda. Items on the consent agendas will be adopted with one motion and vote if no citizen or Councilmember requests that it be removed from the consent agenda for separate consideration.

If you wish to speak on a consent agenda item, you must submit your request to speak before the vote on the consent agenda.  Speakers are limited to three minutes each.

Items from Citizens Present

Citizens are provided an opportunity to address the Council on any issue under an agenda item titled "Items from Citizens Present."  This item appears on the agenda of every regular Monday Council meeting and Thursday Study Session.  Blue Speaker/Comment cards are available for those who wish to comment.  Or, you may download a copy of the comment card and hand it in during the meeting.

A maximum of three individual speakers is allowed at each meeting, and each speaker is allowed three minutes.

Note:  Because of the Open Meeting Law, the Council cannot take action on any item brought up by a citizen at the meeting, but may refer items for further study and follow-up.



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