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Pilot Notice: Non-movement boundary line changes at Falcon Field Airport

Post Date:02/23/2017 12:30 PM
To meet new FAA safety standards, the aircraft run-up area by Taxiway D-1 at Mesa's Falcon Field Airport has been realigned. Pilots are urged to use caution when operating near the new alignment, as the non-movement area boundary line has been relocated (the marking which identifies the requirement to have air traffic control tower permission to cross).  Below is an airfield diagram that identifies the new location of the non-movement area boundary line.

To ensure safety, it is critical that any person, ground vehicle, or aircraft contact the air traffic control tower for permission prior to crossing the non-movement boundary line. If a person, vehicle, or aircraft crosses the non-movement line without tower permission, it is classified as an incursion and the FAA will investigate the incident.

For questions or concerns, please contact Bradley Hagen, A.A.E. Airport Projects & Operations Supervisor, at 480-644-4230 or

New Non-Movement Boundary Map February 2017

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