Medical Plans

The City's health insurance plan is self-insured and self-administered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) as our in-network provider. Members may choose among four different medical plans depending upon their needs.


The four medical plans offered are:

  • Choice PPO Plan (80/20) - This plan features 80% coverage after the $300 per person/$900 family deductible has been met for in-network services. PPO BCBSAZ providers are considered as in-network for this plan. $2,300 out of pocket annual maximum per person.
  • Copay Choice PPO Plan - There is a $20 copay for office visits. PPO BCBSAZ providers are considered in-network. $4,000 per person/$12,700 family out of pocket annual maximum.
  • Basic Choice Plan (50/50) - This plan offers catastrophic coverage for the individual with few medical expenses. $550 deductible per person/$1,650 family, coinsurance 50/50, $5,550 out of pocket annual maximum per person. PPO BCBSAZ providers are considered as in-network.


Medical Plan Overview


For a summary of detailed coverage, please refer to the City of Mesa Plan Document:  

City of Mesa Plan Document


2014 Premiums


Retiree Members - Due to the number of factors that are considered in calculating individual retiree premiums (years of service, plan, coverage level, ASRS/PSPRS subsidy, Medicare discount, etc.), the retiree premiums will not be posted.  If you have a question about the calculation of your retiree premium, please call Employee Benefits at (480) 644-2299.

Members who reside out of state more than 4 months per year must use BCBS Blue providers for in-network coverage.  For help locating both in state and out of state providers go to: Finding Providers


Hints for providers about claims submission

Please submit claims electronically to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, when possible. Otherwise, paper claims are mailed to "City of Mesa, PO BOX 1818, San Leandro, CA 94577.  Please do not fax claims! Find more information about claims submission.



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