City Center Design

Funded as part of the approved 2012 park bond, the City Center Design Concept will be the first step in the design and development of a distinctive place which will capture and enhance the urbanizing momentum of Mesa's downtown core.

When developed, the City Center will be anchored by a signature public space that offers programmed and passive space that will encourage informal gatherings, as well as being able to serve as event space. The signature public space will be a key element in the activation of the downtown core and will be a catalyst for high intensity redevelopment surrounding City Center with a variety of uses that activate the public space.

The City Center will be a benefit to the entire City and will improve the quality of life for Mesa residents, businesses and visitors.
To provide design options for consideration, the City has selected three qualified design teams from a total of 18 local, national, and international responses to a Request for Qualifications. Each design team will prepare an illustrative design concept that will function as the central element of an urbanizing downtown core and a catalyst for future redevelopment. In competition format, following completion of the initial illustrative design concept, it is anticipated that the top design concept will be considered for further detailing and refinement.


Meet the Otak Team

Meet the Woods-Bagot Team

Meet the Colwell Shelor Team

City Center Study Area

Community Involvement


Help shape the design of City Center by actively participating in upcoming stakeholder engagement events on May 21 (12:30 p.m or 5 p.m. session) and June 12 (10 a.m. or 5 p.m. session). Both events will be held in the Palo Verde Room of the Mesa Convention Center, 263 N. Center Street.

At the May 21  event the three design teams will learn your vision for City Center, which will become the foundation of their design.

The June 12 event will be a follow-up to allow the design teams to present their understanding of the input received at the May 21 event, and to the extent possible present preliminary design concepts.

Due to the relationship between the events, your participation in both events will be greatly appreciated.

RSVP for June 12th
Stakeholder Event


 ASU Placemaking Student Projects

Over the course of a three semester class, ASU graduate students in Urban Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, and Landscape Architecture partnered with the City to apply their training to a real world design project. The students produced four design scenarios were created for City Center.

Group A: Pedestrian Bridge

Group B: Event Modules

Group C: The Journey

Group D: Promenade


Project Office:
55 N. Center Street

Office Hours:
M-T, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Project Contact:
Jeff McVay

Para información en español por favor llame a
Angelica Guevara 480.644.4771

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