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Encouraging Transit OrientedDevelopment

The Supermarket as a Neighborhood Building Block

Essential Elements of Sustainable Design

T4 America Study Finds Americans Support Increased Funding for Public Transportation, Safe Walking and Bicycling
Jay Corbalis
New Jersey Future- blog

Surprise! Americans Want Public Transportation
Keith Barry
Wired News- Autopia
March 30, 2010

Poll: Public wants more buses, rails
Brandon C. Baker
The News-Herald (OH)
March 31, 2010

Nation needs to ramp up transit funding, Rep. Nadler says Progressive Railroading
March 31, 2010

Americans Want More Transit: Poll
Ryan McGreal
Raise The Hammer- blog
March 30, 2010

New poll: Americans want more transit, and most would pay more for it
Michael Lindenberger
Dallas Morning News
March 30, 2010

Study: U.S. residents support mass transit
Dan Tracy
Orlando Sentinel
March 30, 2010

More Transportation Funding Necessary to Reduce Congestion, Survey Finds
Ryan Gray
School Transportation News
March 30, 2010

New Poll: Support For Transit Expansion Transcends Rural-Urban Divide
Elana Schor
March 30, 2010

Do Americans really make the connection between transportation, oil use, and environmental impacts?
David Goldberg & Stephen Davis
April 1, 2010

Survey finds support for increased public transportation funding
American City & County
March 31, 2010

Editorial- Transit and the Twins: a great team
Minneapolis Star Tribune
April 1, 2010

Bipartisan Survey: Most Americans Want More Transit Options
Bengt Halvorson
The Car Connection
April 1, 2010

Moving the Tipping Point for Creative Places

Arizona Planners Envision New Role

Can you afford to live in your house?

Walking Wins Out

Fixing the Strip

Encourage Architectural Continuity

Little Infill

Replanning Small City Downtown


Background and Links                                          

Congress for New-Urbanism

Mixed-Income Transit-OrientedDevelopment Website

Urban Land Institute


Transit OrientedDevelopment and Proposition 207

Restructuring the Commercial Strip

The Hidden Health Cost of Transportation




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