10th Street (Multi-Modal)

Investing in neighborhoods through multi-modal transportation projects such as traffic calming, street improvements, and bicycle and pedestrian enhancements makes neighborhoods more livable. It also creates streetscapes that are inviting for pedestrians and bicyclists. This Complete Streets project consists of traffic calming as well as pedestrian and bicycle improvements along 10th Street between Date Street and Alma School Road.

This section of 10th Street is a neighborhood collector street that experiences additional through traffic because Brown Road, located an eighth of a mile north, does not continue west beyond Date. This results in an increase of through drivers using 10th Street between Date and Alma School Road. Additionally, these pedestrian and bicycle improvements along 10th Street may accommodate users of a planned shared use path along the Crosscut Canal west of Country Club Drive. The canal route is inaccessible where the canal meets the Mesa Country Club property.

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10th Street