Police Aviation Unit Hangar Remodel

The Mesa Police Department Aviation Unit is based at Falcon Field Airport. The unit has operated from a small aircraft hangar with adjacent office space for the last 20 years. This facility is used for the general administration of the unit, as well as maintenance and storage of the aircraft owned by the City of Mesa.

This project would expand the facility to provide additional space to house the five aircraft (2 fixed wing; 3 helicopters), owned by the City of Mesa. This expansion would increase the working area for Aviation maintenance personnel to safely service the aircraft and provide adequate storage of equipment and parts. Improvements would also include remodeling of the office space restroom facilities, supervisory offices, the training area as well as workstations and other infrastructure improvements. Additional project improvements include the installation of an electronic security gate, closed-circuit TV for perimeter security, and electronic card-key systems to enhance security for the personnel, property, and the aircraft.