Streetlight Improvements

Currently the City owns and maintains 39,220 streetlights that are installed on City streets, multi-use paths, and parking lots. These streetlights provide lighting for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Streetlights have shown to:

  • Reduce the number of night-time accidents, particularly pedestrian related crashes
  • Help reduce crime and improve the perception of safety for residents
  • Deter vandalism
  • Increase social life by enhancing the night time environment
  • Provide a positive aid to commercial, leisure, and tourism activities

The Transportation Department receives requests from residents and the Police Department for additional streetlights and new streetlights in areas where there are none. The Transportation Department would prioritize the requests and install new streetlights as funds allow.

The map below shows areas of the City that the Transportation Department has identified as needing spot streetlight replacement. The purple area represents areas of low lighting and poles that are direct burial (more susceptible to rust and failure). The green areas represent areas of low lighting that could benefit from additional streetlights.


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