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Arizona has a new law that allows voters to place their names on a Permanent Early Voting List. In mid-November of 2007, the Maricopa County Elections Department sent out over 1.5 million cards to registered voters in Maricopa County asking if they would like to be added to the Permanent Early Voting List.

What this means for Mesa voters is that once you are on this list, you no longer have to request an early ballot to be mailed to you. An early ballot will automatically be mailed to you approximately 26 days prior to each election for which you are eligible to vote.

If you are a newly-registered voter, or did not get a chance to fill out one of these cards, forms are available at the Mesa City Clerk's Office. Forms are also available on the Maricopa County Elections Department website, or you may request one to be mailed to you by calling (602) 506-1511.

For more information on the Permanent Early Voting List, please visit the Maricopa County Elections Department website.


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