Saving Water at Non-Residential Properties

This conservation site is dedicated to helping homeowners associations, businesses and multifamily properties reduce water consumption.   Generally, the biggest expense of a HOA is water and landscaping.  So jump in and get some ideas for saving money and water!


  • WATER CONSERVATION is Everyone's Business

    The City of Mesa will support local restaurants and businesses (including HOA's) with a free pre-rinse spray valve (for dishwashing operations) and a WaterBroom device (for floor surface and pool deck water-friendly cleanup). Call (480-644-3306) or email us to claim yours while supplies last!



Landscape Rebate

Landscape Contract Resources

New! Landscape Watering Calculator    Helps you estimate how much water you should be using on your landscape each month.

New! Grant-funded HOA, Commercial, Multifamily Landscape Rebate


This program was funded by a grant from the Bureau of Reclamation. Unfortunately, all funds have been used. Please contact to be placed on a waiting list or for more information.

Single family Grass-to-Xeriscape rebate



Sample Landscape Contract

Horticultural Professionals

Common Issues at HOAs

Hiring a Contractor

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Landscaper

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Living Green & Sustainability Programs

Landscape Watering Reminder - Sign up for a monthly watering schedule and reminder.

Neighborhood Services - City of Mesa services and assistance.

Leadership Centre - Find leadership, educational and mediation resources.

Smartscape Graduates - Graduates of the Smartscape Certified Landscaper program have received 20 hours of specialized training for landscaping appropriately in the desert. Smartscape classes cover topics specific to designing, renovating and maintaining desert adapted plants, drip irrigation design and installation, water management and irrigation controllers, and solutions to plant problems.

Irrigation Association Certified Professionals
Certified irrigation professionals are committed to managing water efficiently.  They understand the latest irrigation technology and techniques.  Click the link to find a certified professional for your irrigation project.



Top 10 Reasons Not to Overseed

Top 10 Reasons to Convert to Xeriscape

Keeping Your Splash in the Pool

Controlling Weeds




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Are you wasting money and water on your common areas?  Let the City help you know how much water they need. 

Stop guessing!  Contact us to get the process started.


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