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The City of Mesa owns, operates and maintains the gas piping system up to, and including the meter found outside a home or business. Piping from the gas meter to each gas appliance belongs to the property owner and it is their responsibility to maintain. This piping, much like the plumbing and electrical system, needs to be maintained. This also includes the gas piping to any outdoor appliances such as barbeque grills or pool heaters.

In order to maintain the safest system possible and avoid any potential hazards, the City of Mesa encourages all customers to periodically inspect their piping for leaks and corrosion (rust). If an unsafe condition is discovered and repairs are needed, customers should always call a professional for repairs. If you smell gas (rotten egg smell), hear the sound of escaping gas (hissing noise), or suspect a line break, leave the area and call 480-644-4277(GASS) or 911.

The city of Mesa's highest priority is public safety. Working together we can provide the safest and most reliable energy service for everyone. For additional questions regarding customer piping, please visit the Energy website or call the City of Mesa at 480-644-4552.

Service Line Warranty Program Info

Dobson Pedestrian and Bike Path Renderings (View One)

Dobson Pedestrian and Bike Path Renderings (View Two)

Southern Avenue Streetscape Update (August 2013)
- Phase 2 traffic control is in place (all traffic on south side of Southern with one lane each direction, two-way left turn lane and dedicated lefts at the signalized intersections.
- Milling of the existing asphalt on the north side of Southern will be completed by August 26.
-Roadway excavation and curb grading will begin on August 26.
-Trenching and conduit installation for SRP 12kV and Cox facilities is ongoing.
- Sewer installation in front of the Newport Apartments will take place beginning August 26.
The project will take "Holiday Break" from November 26 to January 6. The project is expected to be completed in September of 2014.

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Eye on Mesa: Project Zorro

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Eye on Mesa: EVIT and the Toy Drive

Mesa Fire and Medical Good Samaritan Awards

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

District 3 Video Update

Mesa Fire and Medical Good Samaritan Awards

Eye On Mesa: O'Brien's Irish Pub in Fiesta District

Mesa Fire and Medical Department

District 3 Video Update


About Dennis Kavanaugh

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To find City services and facilities near your home, visit Interactive Map

Learn more about issues in District 3

To make finding information about what is going on in your district easier, I am providing the links to different City of Mesa Boards and Council meeting agendas.

Each agenda item includes a description along with the council district location in parenthesis. This allows you to search for items pertaining only to district 3.

Below is an example of a City Council agenda item.
Item *7f. Rhodes Junior High School Pool Rehabilitation (CMAR - Construction Phase), City of Mesa Project No. 01-861-001. (District 3)

If you have a question or comment about an item please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone at 480-644-3003.


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Was your trash barrel missed? Instructions on how to report a missed container available.

Avoiding False Alarms during monsoon season

The City of Mesa has recognized there is an issue with an odor at Baseline and Price roads.  If you do smell an odor please email or call us and include the date and time of the incident.  We can be reached at or 480-644-5294.


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