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FINANCIAL STABILITY provides proactive leadership and considers all financial factors in order to diversify revenues, bring new jobs to Mesa, create responsible budgets, and ensure operational efficiencies.
Mayor and Council Vision Statements for Financial Stability:

  • Financial Efficiency, Innovation and Flexibility:  Mesa's financial systems are efficient, innovative and flexible. Capital projects that are financed through bonds are covered by taxes generated from the property they help improve. Special funds are minimized by not having special sales tax assessments for special interests, thereby increasing the flexibility needed by staff to allocate resources where they are needed each year.

  • Resident Trust and Expanded Revenue Sources:  We built resident trust and confidence in our efforts to wisely govern the City and are now seeking voter permission to expand our revenue sources.  Residents more fully understand the reality that they need to invest in Mesa to have the kind of community they desire.

  • High-Wage Jobs are Critical:  We understand the importance of bringing additional high-wage jobs to Mesa.  These higher salaried individuals are living and working in Mesa, and therefore, more of their dollars stay in Mesa and are now helping us create more stable revenues.

  • Economic Development Focus:  Mesa is finding ways to encourage base industries to locate here and take full advantage of the Gateway area.  Business accelerators, a "close the deal" fund, recruiting colleges and actively recruiting international trade are important Economic Development tools being utilized  and are helping us lessen our over-reliance on Enterprise Fund transfers.

  • Helping Residents Understand City Finances:  Mesa is working to help residents better understand municipal finances.  These efforts are helping to clear misconceptions and rumors.

  • Residents now understand the importance of “Shopping in Mesa.”  They also understand the importance of State Shared Revenues, and as such, residents are asking their State Legislators to make sure those revenues belonging to cities stay intact.  Also, greater financial understanding has begun foster new ideas and involvement from Mesa’s residents.

  • Streamlining Local Government:  Mesa has begun to establish credibility with the residents of Mesa because they know we are seeking ways to further streamline local government and operations. We have continued to evaluate privatization possibilities and to identify opportunities to wisely invest/appropriate taxpayer monies. 

  • Model of Innovation and Efficiency:  Mesa has a multi-modal tax system that reflects today’s economic realities. Our Economic Development efforts have helped spur private investment and growth that has helped bring new revenues into the City. Our city government has consistently explored innovative ways to deliver services, which has resulted in new efficiencies.  We are the model of governmental innovation and efficiency.  With CityEdge in place, our financial reporting system is state-of-the-art and delivers real time accurate information that helps us manage the City more effectively.


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