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Arizona Motor Vehicle Division -
*Renew your drivers license, register your motor vehicle, office locations, etc.

Arizona Supreme Court -

Defensive Driving School Registration

If you wish to attend a Defensive Driving Course for an eligible charge, Mesa Municipal Court allows you to attend any certified Arizona Supreme Court Defensive Class listed on the Supreme Court's website.


For Civil Suits, Evictions, Small Claims, and Protective Orders go to Maricopa County Justice Courts -

Maricopa County Superior Courts -

Maricopa Jail Facilities -

*Phone numbers, addresses, web cam, directions, inmate rules, etc.


Mesa City Prosecutors Office

250 East 1st Avenue, Suite 222

Mesa, Az 85210



Municipal Courts:

U.S. District Court for District of Arizona -

U.S. Bankruptcy Court -

Victim Information and Other Resources:

*Counseling, Safe Houses, Shelters, Courts, Other Victim and Abuser Information


Contact the court by Email    

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Sanction Schedule


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Jury Information

The Courtroom

Map of other Courts in Mesa and Dept. Motor Vehicle offices

Useful Links  Mesa City Prosecutor,  Small Claims, Civil Suits, Evictions, and Protective Orders.