Construction Plan Review



Types of Plan Review


Plan Review:  Plan Review includes review of all Residential and Commercial plans and documents by each applicable discipline. Reviews by various disciplines are performed simultaneously within the established review time. Plan review includes but is not limited to:
  • Building Code (structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
  • Fire Code (fire suppression, fire alarms)
  • Engineering/Civil (streets, utilities, grading, drainage)
  • Planning (setbacks, landscape, building elevations)
  • Items not requiring permits, see Mesa City Code Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4(B)

Counter Plan Review

  • Emergency repairs (water, sewer, gas, electric)
  • "Like for Like" repair/replacement (gas, water, electric)
  • Banner Permits

Permit by Inspection

Annual Facilities Permit

Preliminary Plan Review of Building, Fire, Planning CDs. A fee of $90 per hour will be applied.

Code Modifications

Deferred Submittals


Plan Review Turn-Around Times



  • 18 business day review
  • 10 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee)
  • Super expedite review with negotiated turn-around time (200% of building permit fee)


  • 10 business day review (5 days for master plot plans)
  • 5 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee)


Submittal Requirements


  • 4 complete sets of plans 24" x 36" (additional fees apply for oversized plans).
  • 4 sets of associated documents, specifications, calculations, or other documents.
  • 6 complete sets of plans for Expedited or Super Expedited.
  • Plan sets and documents need to be separately rolled and assembled at time of submittal.


  • New home construction requires 3 sets of 24" x 36" construction plans (additional fees apply for oversized plans), including associated documents, specifications, calculations, or other documents.
  • Additions, remodels, accessory structures or other construction require a minimum of 2 complete sets of plans drawn to scale including associated documents, specifications, calculations, or other documents.  Additional sets may be required based on type of project or location for Fire or Civil plan review disciplines.
  • Master plot plans and pools require 2 sets of plans.

All Permits require:

Other Documents that may be required:

Do It Yourself Homeowner-Builder Assistance Program


Are you a homeowner in the City of Mesa?

Do you have a Do-it-Yourself project that requires a building permit?


If so, the City of Mesa can provide assistance for your DIY home improvement's design and permit process.



Homeowners Guide to Building Permits



Click here to view the DIY brochure for more information

Typical projects covered under the program:

  • Covered Patio

  • Patio Enclosures

  • Carport Enclosures

  • Room Additions

  • Decks

  • Pool Ramada's

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • New Gas Appliances

  • Electrical Upgrades


Useful Links


City of Mesa Ordinances

  • Title 4
  • Title 7
  • Title 9

Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Regulations

Off-site Improvement Regulations

Engineering & Design Standards

Mesa Standard Details

Mesa Fire Department Details and Forms

Maricopa County Flood Control Permit

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The City of Mesa currently uses the following codes:

2006 IBC

2006 IRC

2006 IFC

2006 IPC

2005 NEC

2006 IMC

2006 IFGC

2006 IEBC

2009 IECC (effective 1/3/2012)

Codes are available for review at the public library or City Clerk's Office


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