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If you believe that you have been discriminated against while seeking housing, you may contact:

City of Mesa
Housing and Community Development Department
20 East Main Street, Suite 250
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, Arizona 85211-1466
480.644.5000 phone
480.644.2778 TDD

Complaints received by the City of Mesa are forwarded to the State of Arizona, Attorney General's Office, Civil Right Division.  The Attorney General's Office will conduct an investigation to determine if there is a grievance.

Fair Housing is not an option it is the Law! Federal, state and local fair housing laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status (families with children under 18 years of age or pregnancy), and disability (physical and/or mental).

How can I recognize housing discrimination? 
Refusal to Rent or
Provide Services
Refusing to sell, rent, lease, exchange or negotiate for a dwelling for discriminatory reasons.
Different Terms/Conditions Discriminating in rental amounts, security deposits, enforcement of rules or other terms and conditions of rental or sale.
Misrepresentation Representing that an available dwelling is not available for inspection, sale or rental when, in fact, it is.
Discriminatory Presentation Saying, publishing or displaying a racial, religious, sexual or ethnic preference with respect to the sale or rental of housing.
Steering Directing anyone to homes or rental property in a particular area for discriminatory reasons.
Assigning Directing anyone to a particular section of the community for discriminatory reasons.
Unequal Financing Denying a loan or offer different financial terms and conditions for discriminatory reasons.
Blockbusting Engaging in panic-selling by representing that the racial composition of a neighborhood is going to change.
Adult Only Excluding or discriminating against families with children, except under specific guidelines for housing for older persons.
Disability Discrimination Discriminating against or fail to make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.
What types of housing are covered? 
Under the law, a landlord (owner, manager, broker, realtor or company representative) is responsible for applying fair housing practices in dwellings such as: apartments rented or leased, houses sold or rented, boarding and rooming house rentals, condominiums, mobile home parks.   
What can I do to prevent housing discrimination from happening to me?
Put together a
reference sheet
Include your employment history, rental history, references, etc. Use this sheet to fill out your housing application. This way, you have a record of the information submitted. If you are disqualified because of income, rental history, etc., you are able to refer back to the facts given to the landlord/manager. 
Bring someone
with you
This person may serve as a witness should you experience discrimination.
Be aware of
your surroundings
Be able to describe the housing and facilities you are shown, notice other tenants and employees, etc.
Ask for a
business card
If no card is available, write down the person's name, title and phone number. It is important that you know whom you are talking to.
Ask for copies of
rules and policies
This is for your reference and possible evidence of an illegal housing practice.
Ask for
marketing materials
Compare this information with what was advertised or told to you about the housing you are seeking.
Ask for the location of vacancies and when you can move in Many places have a layout map for this purpose. Compare this information to your housing needs.
Pay close attention to what you are told Often, misunderstandings cause unnecessary hard feelings. Be sure you understand what you are told. Avoid second guessing.
If you are denied housing services, ask for the reason in writing If a written reason is not provided, write down the reason given for the denial. Documentation is the key to proving a discrimination case.
Record a detailed account of your experience Ask the person you are with to do the same.  While it is fresh in your mind, write down your account of the discrimination, using exact dates, words and phrases as much as you can.


For More Information

Arizona Attorney General's Office
Civil Rights Division

1275 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
602.542.5002 (TDD)
877.491.5742 (toll free)

Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL)
1229 E. Washington,
Phoenix, AZ 85034
602-296-0591 (TTY)

Arizona Center for Disability Law
5025 E. Washington St., Suite 202
Phoenix, AZ  85034


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
600 Harrison Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107-1387
415.436.6594 (TTY)