ASU Poly

Aerospace / Aviation / Manufacturing Assets

  • Full-motion CAE flight simulators and training devices help Professional Flight students prepare
    for careers.
  • The Ottosen Air Traffic Control Simulation Lab provides Air Traffic Management students with
    simulators similar to the ones used at the FAA's Air Traffic Control (ATC) Academy in Oklahoma
    City. The simulator is the only one in a higher education setting that has the control tower and
    radar simulation systems interfaced.
  • The Del E. Webb Altitude Chamber Lab allows students to experience the physiological effect
    that oxygen deprivation has on the body.
  • Haas Technical Center is equipped with the tools that Mechanical and Manufacturing
    Engineering students use to design and build prototypes for the aerospace, automotive and
    manufacturing industries.
  • A Fuel Cell Laboratory provides Electronics Engineering students with a hands-on environment
    where they can design and build more efficient hydrogen fuel cells.


Healthcare / Biosciences Assets

  • Applied Biological Sciences students have access to state-of-the-art greenhouses and the
    Laboratory for Algae Research and Biotechnology, where researchers are converting algae into
    biofuels and food supplements, using algae in water remediation and to reduce carbon dioxide.
  • A Clean Room Laboratory supports a variety of research, from the Center for Innovation in
    medicine-to-wafer fabrication tools, integrated electronic systems, electronics packaging and
    testing equipment and inspection equipment.
  • Pre-veterinary students attend classes in a Veterinary Teaching Theater.
  • A PING Swing Analysis Lab provides Professional Golf Management students with the
    technology to analyze their swing and help improve their golf skills and game.
  • Unique research at ASU Poly includes the work of scientists Milton Sommerfeld and Qiang Hu and their conversion of algae feedstock to fuel. Sommerfeld and Hu were among a select group chosen as nominees for a 2009 World Technology Award by the World Technology Network (WTN), and Time magazine selected the researchers' work as one of the best innovations for 2008.


High Tech / Information Technology Assets

  • The I3DEA Laboratory provides Computer Science students with a focus on imaging and
    3-Dimensional (3D) data like face authentication and handwriting analysis. The research lab has
    several federally funded projects.
  • The Laboratory for Enterprise Application Development (LEAD) promotes applied research,
    teaching and industry outreach in the areas of distributed and Web-based applications,
    software engineering and opensource software.