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Whether you are building a home, installing a sprinkler system, or just planting a tree, the City of Mesa wants you to be safe. No matter the size of the project, before you dig, grade, or excavate the law requires you to call for all underground utilities to be located and marked.

Notify Arizona 811 at least two (2) full working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before excavating to have all underground facilities located and marked. This is a free service.  please be aware that utility owners will locate their facilities, typically this means up to the meter. beyond the meter, the customer is responsible for locating and maintaining the utilities on his/her property. 

Why call Arizona 811?

Arizona 811 was established by utility owners as a one-call notification system to assist homeowners and excavators in identifying the location of underground utilities to prevent damage to facilities.
Always call before you dig

Calling 811 could potentially help save lives and protect infrastructure.  Knowing where underground utility lines are buried before digging begins helps protect you from personal injury, expense and penalties. There may be multiple utility lines in the same area at varying depths.  Even simple digging projects can damage utility lines and disrupt vital services to an entire community.  Having underground utilities located can help prevent undesired consequences.

How the 811 call process works

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Learn More about Arizona 811 /Online request for Utility Locate

Wait for the project site to be marked by all utility owners.  Once all utilities have been properly located, you are officially ready to dig.

Respect and protect the marks.  Have utility lines re-marked if initial markings are destroyed or more than fifteen (15) days old.

Use caution when digging.  Always  hand dig within two feet of either side of any marked line.  Some utility lines may be buried at a shallow depth, and unintended shovel thrusts can have potentially dangerous and/or costly consequences.

If damage occurs, notify the appropriate facility owner IMMEDIATELY.

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What are the colored marks on the ground within your neighborhood or community?   

Each marking represents the location of the underground facilities and the color represents the type of utility (gas, water, electric, communication, etc.). These marks are temporary and fade with time. Utility Color Code 

If you damage a gas line, smell gas (rotten egg), or have a gas emergency,
call the City of Mesa at 480-644-4277 (GASS) or call 911.

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