Natural Gas Meter SafetyNatural Gas Meter

When it comes to your natural gas meter, you can protect against  potentially hazardous situations by following these simple guidelines.  


  • Protect your meter from vehicular damage (i.e. cars, boats, trailers, mobile homes).  See City of Mesa GD1.13 for requirements.
  • Call 811 to have underground utilities marked before digging, this includes planting.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, or plants far enough away to allow for future growth around and below the meter.  Fully grown trees could obstruct or uproot your gas lines if planted too close.
  • Keep all growth trimmed so meter dials are visible.

Do Not:

  • Stack toys, garden hoses, or other types of equipment on or near the meter.
  • Chain anything to the meter including bikes, boats, or pets.
  • Allow children to sit or play on the meter. The extra weight and strain can damage both the meter and the connecting gas pipes.
  • Attempt to service or maintain a meter yourself.  Always call a professional.

Call the City of Mesa at 480-644-4277 (GASS) if you damage the meter or smell gas around the meter.  Call 911 for emergencies.



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