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Natural gas provides clean, economic, reliable, and efficient energy to homes, schools, and businesses.  Natural gas pipelines are one of the safest methods of energy transportation, however, damage to pipelines can occur.  Since most natural gas pipelines are buried underground, you may not be aware that you live or work close to a pipeline.  Pipelines are often marked by above ground signs to provide an indication of their presence, the product carried, and the contact information of the pipeline operator. These signs are typically located along pipeline right-of-ways and at road and railroad crossings.

As part of Mesa's on-going Safety Program, pipelines are inspected regularly for damages or leaks.  By learning that natural gas pipelines are present, and being able to recognize and react to a natural gas leak early, you can help to keep natural gas pipelines safe for everyone.

Are you planning on digging or excavating? 

If you are, here is what you need to know...


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