Natural Gas Appliance Rebates

Don't like to wait for hot water?  Would you like to extend your swimming season for about 1/2 the cost of using electricity?  Then natural gas water heaters and pool/spa heaters are the answer.  Make the economic choice:  Natural gas water heating is more efficient than electric water heating which means you save time and money.  Make the efficient choice:  Today's gas water heaters and pool/spa heaters are more efficient than ever.  Greater efficiency means that less gas is used to transform more heat so you use about 35% less gas than older models.  Make the wise choice:  Enjoy the efficiency of your new natural gas water heater or pool/spa and receive a rebate from the City of Mesa.

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Eligible Appliances
  • Natural Gas Water Heater  $25
  • Natural Gas Pool/Spa Heater $50


  • Applicant must be a City of Mesa natural gas customer with an individual meter (no master meters).
  • Water heater must have an Energy Efficiency rating (EER) of 0.62 or higher.
  • Only homeowners or custom homebuilders are eligible- (no builders of new TRACT homes).
  • Water heater must be tank style - 30 gallon minimum size requirement.
  • Inspection of premises by the City of Mesa Energy Resources Marketing Personnel may be required.
  • Copies of receipt/invoice showing where purchased, date of purchase, and B.T.U total must be included with application.
  • Appliances must be new and must be personally purchased by the homeowner.
  • This offer is limited to six months from date of appliance purchase.
  • Appliance must be installed and operational.
Rebate Process
  • Submit a completed and signed application along with a copy of the receipt/invoice showing
    where purchased, date of purchase, B.T.U. total, and the EER rating.
  • For additional information and to submit your rebate:

                                                    City of Mesa Energy Resources
                                                             Attn: Lucy Lopez  
                                                              P.O. Box 1466 
                                                        Mesa, AZ 85211-1466    
                                                        phone:  480-644-3683

**The City of Mesa will mail a check to the address on the application.   Please allow 4-6 weeks
   to receive your rebate.



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