Specifications for Natural Gas Materials and Supplies

Gas Pipe

Safety is a top priority to the City of Mesa and its Energy Resources Department.  There are, therefore, stringent specifications that dictate which materials and components are acceptable for use in the City's natural gas system.  These specifications are updated from time to time, are detailed in our Gas Material Specifications manual, and are included in any bid acquisition of materials and supplies.  

For more detailed information about the specifications, contact Giao Tran.

If you are currently a vendor or manufacturer that supplies materials for the City of Mesa's natural gas system, or you would like to become one, please ensure that you know the most current specifications for the component that you supply. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding natural gas materials:

How do I become a supplier to the City of Mesa's Energy Resources Department, Gas Utility?

Read about How to do Business in Mesa and with the Energy Resources Department.

When do the current supply contracts expire and can I bid on the new supply contracts?

Expiration dates for the City's contracts can be found on the City of Mesa Purchasing Department's website under the link titled "Supply Contracts."

Only approved vendors may bid on the new supply contracts.  Vendors may only submit bids using products approved in the City of Mesa's Gas Material Specifications manual.


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