Contract Payments


The Capital Improvement Project Contract Payment area coordinates professional services and construction contracts in conjunction with the CIP.  All payments to contractors and consultants must be audited and certified by the Contract Payment Specialist (CPS) before a payment is made.  The CPS performs final verifications of approved payment requests to ensure that the City has received appropriate value under the terms of the contracts.  The CPS also enforces insurance requirements on all contracts. 


Construction Contract Payment Process


The Capital Improvement Project payment process for construction contracts involves several City Divisions and includes:  the Contractor, the Construction Inspector, the Contract Payment Specialist and the City Engineer.  Payments are generated on a monthly basis until the project is completed.

  • Notice to Proceed (NTP) date starts the payment process
  • Contractor works on project
  • Each month, the Engineers Estimate of Work Completed is sent to Construction Inspector
  • Construction Inspector and Contractor verify and agree to field quantities
  • Engineers Estimate of Work Completed with field quantities is sent to Contract Payment Specialist
  • Calculated Engineers Estimate of Work Completed is faxed to Contractor for approval
  • Engineers Estimate of Work Completed is sent to Accounting for processing and check printing
  • Check is issued and mailed to Contractor or called for pick up arrangements


Contract Payment Forms


Listed below are forms used for active architect/engineer and contractor contracts.  Forms that have been modified or changed in any way will not be accepted.

Final Payment Documentation



  • Architect/Engineer - Workers Compensation, Employers Liability, Professional Liability, Automobile, General Liability, Excess Liability, and Valuable Papers coverage
  • Contractor - Owners Liability coverage


Security Deposits


Stored Materials


The City of Mesa follows the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Specification Section 109 for the payment of stored materials.  In addition to following MAG, the City enforces the following conditions:

  • Payment can be made when a paid invoice or an unconditional lien waiver is received from the general contractor.
  • Payment can be made when a paid invoice is received from a subcontractor or a supplier and when an unconditional lien waiver will be provided by the general contractor.  The unconditional lien waiver from the general contractor should be received at the time payment is made to the contractor, however, recognizing there may be a lag in the process, we will accept that this unconditional lien waiver can be received prior to the next payment application.