Engineering Contracts

For specific contract information, please email Heather Sneddon at Please make sure to include both the version date and the contract type that you are requesting.


  • General Conditions

             General Conditions

             General Conditions - Appendices



  • Project Specific Provisions

            Project Specific Provisions


  • Design Contracts

             Consultant Standard Terms Contract

             Design Professional Services Contract

             Design Professional Master Contract

             Project Order - Design Contract


  • Submittal Guidelines

          Building Project Submittal Guidelines (New Buildings, Additions, Renovations,

          Tenant Improvements, etc.)

          Mechanical Process Submittal Guidelines (Treatment Plants, Pump and Lift Stations, etc.)

          Parks & Recreation Submittal Guidelines (Parks, Athletic Fields, Retention Basins,

          Aquatic Facilities, etc.)

          Project Development Guidelines

          Roadway Submittal Guidelines

  •       Water & Waste Water Main Submittal Guidelines (Large Transmission Mains,

          Distribution Water Lines, Waste Water Collection System Mains and Reclaimed Lines)

          Electronic Shop Drawing (Submittal) Review Process

  • Construction Contracts

             CM@Risk Construction Services Contract

             CM@Risk Pre-Construction Services Contract

             Construction Services Contract for Design-Bid-Build Projects

             Job Order MASTER Contract

             JOC Standard Job Order 


  • Contractor Information

             Contractor Checklist-Proposal for Design-Bid-Build Projects

             Sample Bid Schedule 




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