Central Mesa Light Rail Extension Project

Project Number 09-046-001


Project Updates



This project has been awarded to Kiewet Corporation

The construction activities are on the rise as the contractor works to deliver new water, wastewater, gas and electric utilities on Main Street to make way for the light rail guideway. Until May 1, 2013 this activity is focused west of Country Club Drive and east of Downtown Mesa.


For current info on traffic restrictions please visit Valley METRO's page HERE.

Date: May 1, 2013
Area: Main Street from Hibbert to Date
Duration: Mid-May 2013

Description: Main Street will be reduced to one lane in each direction. North side of Main Street closed starting May 8 through May 12, 2013. Traffic will be shifted to the south side of Main Street. Contractor will be doing median cuts for driveway access and temporary street light installation.

Date: May 1, 2013
Area: Main Street from Hibbert to Date
Duration: Mid/late July 2013

Description: Main Street will be restricted to one lane in each direction and shifted to the south side of Main Street for utility relocation and intersection widening. Click here for details

Date: May 1, 2013
Area: North Morris Street becomes cul-de-sac
Duration: Permanent traffic change

Description: North Morris Street - closed permanently at Main Street and transitioned to a cul-de-sac. Following the closure, access to North Morris Street will be available via Country Club Drive and Pepper Place. Click here for details

Date: May 1, 2013
Area: North and South Beverly at Main Street
Duration: Mid May 2013

Description: North and south Beverly at Main Street will be closed for gas main utility work.

Date: March 28, 2013
Area: Northbound Extension Road at Main Street
Duration: Mid-May 2013
Description: Northbound traffic will be detoured at Broadway Road to Country Club Drive or Alma School Road nightly from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Date: April 26-29, May 3-6 and May 10-13
Area: Alma School Road at Main Street
Duration: Friday nights 7:00 pm through Monday mornings 6:00 am.
Description: No left-hand turns allowed and one through lane in each direction.

Project Schedule


Construction on this project began in June 2012 and it is anticipated that the Light Rail will be open for riders in the Spring of 2016.

Project Details


METRO is a nonprofit, public corporation charged with the design, construction, and operation of the Phoenix metropolitan area’s existing 20-mile light rail transit system.  Under METRO, local cities, including the City of Mesa, joined to fund the valley-wide light rail transit system and are recognized as METRO Member Cities. The original 20 mile light rail system became operational in December 2008.

The passage of Proposition 400 in 2004 included funding for a number of extensions to the original 20 mile system.  The Project will consist of approximately 3.1 miles of double track alignment extending along Main Street from the existing light rail system end of line (Sycamore) to a new end of line station between Mesa Drive and Lesueur.

The Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) for the Project, adopted by the Mesa City Council in May 2009, determined that the light rail transit should be continued along Main Street from Sycamore to east of Mesa Drive.  In August 2010, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approved the advancement of the Project into the Project Development phase, the first step in receiving an approval for federal funding under the FTA’s Small Starts program.

Four stations located at Alma School Road, Country Club Drive, Center Street, and Mesa Drive were recommended and approved by the Mesa City Council in June 2010.  At that time, the City Council also approved the traffic lane configuration of Main Street. In the downtown area this includes one through traffic lane in each direction with left turn lanes at signalized intersections and maintaining existing on-street parking. West of Country Club Drive two traffic lanes will exist in each direction, with left turn lanes and bike lanes, but no on-street parking. A park-and-ride will be located east of Mesa Drive.


Project Funding

METRO will be responsible for all costs and funding the design and construction of the Project.  METRO shall utilize funding from several sources including Proposition 400 tax revenue and FTA federal funds.  The City is not obligated to provide funds to METRO for design and/or construction of the Project except for approved CNPA’s the City may request for inclusion in the Project.  METRO will reimburse to the City all agreed upon City administrative and right-of-way costs that are directly related to the Project, as described in the Agreement.