Mesa Center for Higher Education GMP #2
Project Number CP0172



Project Updates



The City of Mesa has selected D.L. Withers Construction as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for this project.

Project is complete and grand opening was held August 15, 2013

Project Schedule


Construction on this project began December 2012 and is expected to be completed by July 2013.


Project Details


Earlier this year, the City of Mesa signed a Memorandums of Understanding with Westminster College and Wilkes University to develop a campus in downtown Mesa. They both wish to jointly occupy the former Mesa City Court building at 245 W. 2nd Street, which is proposed for remodel and reuse as the Mesa Center for Higher Education.

On November 19, 2012, Council approved the interior demolition contract for the building (GMP #1). The demolition work is now underway. The design for the interior remodel of the building is now complete and the associated construction contract is GMP #2.

The basement and first floor of the existing building will be remodeled to provide nine classrooms of various sizes, four computer labs and six science/engineering labs. The classrooms and labs will incorporate modern technology. The remodeled space will also include offices and administrative areas, student gathering and study areas. conference rooms, and space for building support function such as heating, cooling and data support.

The basement and first floor of the building together compose approximately 43,400 square feet of remodeled space, The second floor of the building approximately 11,400 square feet will not be remodeled as part of GMP #2 and is available for possible expansion.

Exterior enhancements to the building will include a new entryway screen wall that will incorporate signage for the educational institutions, a free standing monument sign at the northwest corner of the parking lot, and the addition of an exterior seating and gathering area at the main entry to the building.

This project will be completed in time for classes to beginning in the fall of 2013.


Project Funding


The total award amount for GMP #2 package is $4,634,065.70 based on the CMAR proposal of $4,212,787.00 plus an additional $421,278.70 (10% contingency allowance for change orders). This project is funded by the Economic Investment Fund (included in the City's Enterprise Fund).