4-inch High Pressure Gas Main Extension and District Regulator Station: Power Rd, McDowell  to Thomas Rd

Project Number C10375


Project Updates



The City of Mesa awarded this project to Team Fishel Incon November 19, 2012.

Project is complete.

Project Schedule

Construction on this project is anticipated to start February 4, 2013 and be completed in July 2013.

Project Details

Growth within the far northeast portion of City of Mesa's gas system has resulted in the need for infrastructure improvements to maintain gas supply during times of peak demand. The Gas System Master Plan identified the gas main on Power Road as a critical component of infrastructure required to meet the natural gas demands for the 2013/2014 heating season. This new gas main will consist of approximately 5,380 linear feet of 4-inch high pressure coated steel gas pipe. This project will install the gas main along Power Road from McDowell Road to Thomas Road. There will also be a gas district regulator station installed on the west side of Power Road, just south of Thomas Road. Once installed the new gas main will become critical feed to the far northeast part of Mesa.

Project Funding

The recommended total award amount for this project is $1,212,450.47, based on the low bid amount of $1,102,227.70 plus an additional $110,222.77 (10% allowance for change orders).  Funding is available from the FY 12/13 Gas Bond Capital program.