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Project Updates


Design of this project will begin in Spring 2015.

Project Schedule

Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2016 and will take approximately one year.

Project Details

The City of Mesa owns the 109-acre parcel on the northeast corner of Signal Butte and Elliot for the 24-acre Water Treatment Plant. Approximately 45 acres surrounding the Signal Butte Water Treatment Plant and west of the power lines is the Riverview Park exchange property. The entire 109 acres has been master planned with expansion of the Water Treatment Plant, a fire station, power and water utility improvements, and phased park development with passive and active components. The area surrounding the property is predominantly residential neighborhoods. Eventual expansion of the Water Treatment Plant offers an opportunity to enhance the visible public side of the plant, including the implementation of paths along the Elliot and Signal Butte Road that revolve around the them "how water shapes our lives".

Passive recreational opportunities begin with the phase one development of the park's path system. A series of nodes along Elliot will culminate at a more prominent node near the intersection of Elliot and Signal Butte Roads where the story of water treatment can be displayed. The path system proposed in this phase is intended to continue into the balance of site along the Water Treatment Plant northern and eastern boundaries. A series of measureable loops engage the Siphon Draw Wash, with opportunities to span across in key locations that minimize impact to the flood zone where the wash narrows. In addition to the paths, discovery nodes, future development phases include public gathering spaces and picnic areas. At the southeastern corner of the site, an area of almost two acres is proposed as a future dog park.

Active recreational uses, primarily as soccer fields, are planned for future phases. Six regulation-sized soccer fields are indicated in two areas that are divided by the Siphon Draw Wash. An area within the transmission line easement is large enough for junior size soccer fields. The regulation-size fields are intended to be lit for nighttime play. In addition to soccer, an area called the "Desert Trails" is included in future park development to offer a unique experience related to more active hiking and biking.

Project Funding

This project is funded through the voter-approved 2012 Parks Bond Program.


Parks and Recreation 2012 Bond Program

2013 Public Safety and Street Bonds

Signal Butte and Elliot Master Plan

Signal Butte and Elliot Soccer Fields

Signal Butte and Elliot Interpretive Nodes

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