Southern Avenue Streetscape Improvements          Project No. 10-453-001 (C10453)


Project Updates


The City of Mesa selected Haydon Building Corp. as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for this project.  Project Hotline - (480) 898-4110


Phase 4 -  Eastbound traffic on Southern Avenue is currently shifted to the eastbound curb lane on the south side of Southern Avenue from just west of Alma School Road (near Olive Garden) to Sycamore.  Westbound traffic remains in its current configuration (westbound curb lane).  Median improvements on Southern Avenue have begun and crews continue to prep the subsurface of the roadway for curb and median installation.  Crews have begun the installation of brick pavers in the middle medians on Southern Avenue.  The week of July 28, the entry monument foundations on the southwest corner of Alma School Road and Southern Avenue will be installed.   

Traffic Restrictions:

Traffic is currently shifted to the north side of Southern Avenue from Dobson Road to Westwood with one lane in each direction.  Left turns are permitted at signalized intersections only.  

Project Schedule

Construction for this project began June 2013 and is estimated to be completed November 2014.

Project Details


This is the first project from the City of Mesa's Fiesta District Implementation Plan along Southern Avenue, which seeks to create a uniquely identifiable area for Mesa that is economically vibrant, pedestrian friendly and an active urban destination.  This project will transition Southern Avenue to four lanes (two in each direction) from west of Sycamore to Alma School Road.  Other improvements will include new wider sidewalks and install new landscaping behind the new curbs.  New street amenities will be installed, which include benches, street lighting, pedestrian lighting, trash receptacles, bike racks, and traffic signals.  Colored paving enhancements will be constructed at the intersections of Southern and Alma School, Southern and Stewart, and Southern and Longmore.  Vibrant monument entry signs will be constructed at the intersection of Alma School Road and Southern Avenue and on Southern Avenue west of Sycamore. 

Project Funding

The recommended total award is $9,843,743.39, which includes $286,710.97 (3%) as a change order allowance.  Funding for this project is available from the Local Street Sales Tax (LSST) and 2008 Street Bond Funding.