Scalloped Street Assessment Projects


The Scalloped Street Assessment Law allows the City to construct street improvements adjacent to developed and undeveloped properties and to assess the actual costs of the improvements to those properties receiving benefits from the improvements.

The construction of the improvement will result in an assessment lien against the property for the amount of the actual street improvement costs.

Scalloped Street Assessments will not bear interest and is subject to payment when an application for a building permit for the development of property is applied for development of the property includes the construction of a building upon a vacant parcel or modifying an existing structure by more than 100% of its original size. The lien is recorded against the property for a period of ten (10) years beginning after the assessment has been recorded. If the property is not developed within ten (10) years, the assessment is no longer due.

Engineering is responsible for coordinating the activities on all Scalloped Street Assessment Projects. This includes assessment estimates, notifications, calculating and recordation of the final assessments.

For additional information, contact Anthony Araza at (480) 644-3402.