Why do you recommend booster seats for children up to age 8?

Arizona law requires an appropriate safety seat up to the age 8 unless a child is more than 4 feet 9 inches tall (57 inches).  This height is used because that is considered to be the standard by which a vehicle seat belt should fit correctly. 

While most families are used to the idea of keeping kids in safety seats until they are around 5 years old, many are not aware that children need safety seats much longer than that. Vehicle safety belts are designed to protect adults and older children, and they must fit correctly to provide that function.

Looking at current vehicle designs, child growth patterns/charts, and general lessons learned through observation, many advocates have concluded that vehicle safety belts don't fit until kids are 8, 9, 10 or even 11 years old. As a result of this fact, combined with the fact that boosters are not yet widely used, we see a great number of serious (and fatal) injuries to children. Internal organ and spinal column injuries often result from improper belt fit.


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