Mesa Fire and Medical Department

Prevention Division


Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal of the City of Mesa Fire Prevention Division: Rich Kochanski.

Assistant Fire Marshall: Kevin Bush

Tent fees:
Carnivals, tents, trade shows, etc.(This fee is to be charged for any of the special events that will require a site inspection by the Fire Department) $150.00 per request greater than 14 days 1101-4205  
  $300 per request less than 14 days    
  $40 each additional tent    

Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

$250.00 per request
The primary goals of Mesa Fire Prevention are  life safety and property protection.

Fire Prevention performs inspections of all medium and high-hazard occupancies (excluding one and two family dwellings) in the City of Mesa to assist the community in eliminating hazards to create and/or maintain a safe environment.  Business Risk Classification defines how occupancy classifications are established.

Our Fire Investigator is frequently called out to determine the cause of fires in Mesa, and also to assist with fire investigations in the cities of Gilbert and Apache Junction.

Prevention is responsible for enforcing adopted codes and ordinances, conducting fire investigations, issuing the Fire Safety Operational Permit (FSOP), and other permits.  These include permits for special events, underground fuel tank removal, burning (pit barbeque, bonfire, etc.), and blasting.  The division also investigates citizen complaints regarding possible fire hazards, and maintains fire records for businesses in the City of Mesa.







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Fire Prevention
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211
Phone: 480-644-2622

In case of Emergency Dial 911

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 7 am 6 pm