Prevention Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does my smoke detector last and when should I replace it?
    • The 9 volt battery in your smoke detector should be changed on a yearly basis. Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years. We recommend you test them on a monthly basis.

  • Where do I get my Fire Extinguishers serviced and how often?
    • See the Yellow Pages under "Fire Extinguishers." Fire Extinguishers should be recertified every year, and serviced every 6 years.

  • Can I get a permit to burn trash in my yard?
    • It is against City Code to burn trash or yard clippings of any kind in your yard.  
  • How do I get approved to open a day care in my home?
    • For specific information contact the City of Mesa Planning Division at 480-644-2385. 

  • Who do I call to report a car parked in a fire line? 
    • If a car is parked in a fire lane that is clearly marked, you may contact the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211 or the Mesa Fire Department investigator at 480-644-2622.  Fire lane parking violations can be handled by either department.

  • Where do I dispose of hazardous waste materials?
    • Household hazardous waste collection events are held at various times during the year.    

  • I want to have a fire in my back yard; how large can it be?
    • Call the Mesa Fire Prevention Division at 480-644-2622 to determine if a permit is required and be prepared to provide the type of event, type of fire, (, warming), the address, date, and time it will take place.

  • If I will be making tenant improvements (building additions, adding a fire sprinkler or alarm system) where do I call for assistance?
    • Contact the City of Mesa development and Sustainability Department at 480-644-4273.
  • How can I get a key lock box for outside my door? I am disabled and emergency responders need a way to get inside.

    • Yes you may obtain a lock box for your home by contacting the Knox Company.

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