Fire Safety Operational Permit  Inspection Fees (FSOP)
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What is the Fire Safety Operation Permit (FSOP)  how will it affect my business?

The FSOP was established in 2007 to provide public safety personnel in Mesa with current business owner  contact information, as well as to identify the operations or processes being conducted at your business. The goal is to minimize potential damage or loss of revenue to your business through quick contact with your business representative in the event of an emergency at your business. Identifying current operations at your facility also allows fire personnel the ability to respond with the appropriate resources to minimize damage caused by fire or other catastrophic events. Additionally, we use this annual application process as an opportunity to provide you other beneficial information, such as, a self: inspection checklist, safety training materials,  other documents or items to help you maintain your safe  successful business.

How will you determine what type of fee I will pay?

Every business located within Mesa city limits, excluding home based businesses, will be required to pay the Fire Safety Operational Permit fee of $15.00. Additional inspection fees are as follows:

Low Risk Facilities: no additional fee

Medium Risk Facilities: additional $150.00

High Risk Facilities: additional $250.00

High Risk Facilities 12,000 square feet additional $200.00

The risk of a business is determined by many factors including the size  complexity of the structure, the occupant load, occupant age, special processes or hazardous material use,  other factors. The Fire Department determines the risk classification for your business.

How  when will I be notified of when my fee is due?

The Fire Safety Operational Permit must be renewed annually, so businesses can expect to receive an invoice each year for this permit. High  medium risk businesses are also billed for any fire inspections they receive.

Will a fire inspector still come to my business?

High risk facilities are scheduled to receive a biannual fire inspection. Medium risk facilities will be inspected tri-annually (every 3 years). Low risk facilities are currently not scheduled for regular inspections, but may still be inspected by a Fire Inspector on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to make an appointment for the inspector to come out  perform an inspection?

No. As part of the Fire Safety Operational Permit program we will be contacting you to schedule an inspection of your business. If we have not contacted you  would like to request an inspection please call 480-644-2622  we will process your request.

I will be opening a new business; will I have to pay the fee?

Yes. You will be required to obtain the $15 annual Fire Safety Operational Permit. Also, any businesses that require a fire inspection prior to opening will be required to pay the associated fire inspection fee.

If I own multiple businesses, will I be charged for them all at the same time?

If you would like to streamline the billing for multiple locations, please contact 480-644-2632.

I am changing the type /or size of the business. Will the fee increase?

The fee for each business is based on the occupancy type of the business, occupant load,  square footage, so the fee may increase/decrease depending upon the change. If you change any of these you need to contact the development Sustainability Department for assistance.

Our business is moving down the street, do I have to pay another fee?

Yes. You will have to complete a new Fire Safety Operational Permit application for the new location. Each permit is valid for the original business  address for which it was issued.

Is this an annual permit?

Yes. The Fire Safety Operational Permit is an annual permit. You will be required to send us your updated contact information annually.

If my business is a high risk over 12,000 square feet; do I pay the $450  the $15?

Yes, the $15.00 fee is for the Fire Safety Operational Permit. The $450.00 fee is for the inspection.

The state requires me to have an annual inspection before they will renew my license, will they accept this permit?

No. The City of Mesa Fire Safety Operational Permit is separate from any other licenses your business may be required to obtain.

I'm planning to sell my business in xx months, do I have to pay the whole year?

Yes. The $15 Fire Safety Operational Permit fee cannot be prorated. The permit is good for one year from date of issuance.

What are the payment methods?

You will receive an invoice in the mail with a return envelope. You may either return the invoice with a check in the return envelope, or pay at Customer Service. Payments can be made in person at one of the two business office:

  • 55 N. Center Street (Municipal Building)
  • 6935 E. Decatur Street (East Mesa Service Center)

 Office hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Thursday, except for City holidays.

We accept cash, checks  money orders in our business offices. Currently we do not offer payment by phone or on-line.

My corporate office pays all of my bills. Can you mail the bill to them?

Yes. We can mail the bill to your corporate office. If you need a bill address change contact our office at 480-644-2622, or you may enter the new billing address on the questionnaire we send each year.

Can I pay at the time of my inspection?

No, Fire Inspectors will not be able to accept any form of payment. See payment methods above.

I run a business out of my house. Will I have to pay the fee?

No. Home based businesses will not pay, unless the home is being used as a residential care facility.

What if I have more than one business location in Mesa? Do I pay the whole fee for each location or can I get some kind of discount?

Each business is charged separately, no discounts apply.

I am selling my business does the permit transfer ownership?

Anytime a business changes ownership or location a new Fire Safety Operational Permit must be obtained  the $15 fee paid.

I have two businesses at the same address (different suites or buildings) do I have to pay the fee for both?

If the same business, for example, an insurance company, is occupying multiple suites or buildings at the same location, then only one Fire Safety Operational Permit is needed. If you own two different businesses, for example, a florist  a hair salon, at the same location, a separate permit will be needed for each.

I only sublease this space, who is responsible for paying the fee?

The current tenant is responsible for ensuring the fees are paid.

We have 24-hour security; do I still need to provide you with contact information?

Yes, we still need the pertinent business information, including important contacts. In an emergency, responders may initially utilize security personnel for access; however, they may still need a business representative to respond.

What security measures will be taken to ensure my phone numbers  information will be kept safe,  who will have access to my information?

All information obtained will be stored in our records management system. The City of Mesa’s Information Services Division is vigilant in ensuring that its computer systems are secure. Your business information will be used primarily to assist emergency responders; however, some information such as business activities  operations may be shared with other City of Mesa departments such as the development  Sustainability Department  Zoning, etc.

What type of additional fire service will be offered to me as a part of this fee?

Having accurate information regarding the type of business, occupant load,  any hazardous conditions within your business will help the Mesa Fire  Police Departments in determining the appropriate level of response in an emergency situation. This could potentially reduce or limit your business's losses during an emergency.

Where do I post the Fire Safety Operational Permit?

The Fire Safety Operational Permit must be posted in a conspicuous space.

Why is it important for the Fire Department to have a phone number to call me?

The Mesa Fire or Police Department may have to enter your building in a nonemergency situation, such as a fire alarm activation, burglar alarm, suspicious activity, smoke seen, etc.

What if I change my phone number?

If any of the emergency contacts change, notify the Mesa Fire Department immediately at 480-644-2622.

I lost my permit. Can I get a replacement  is there a charge?

Currently, there is no charge for the replacement of the FSOP Permit. Contact the Fire Prevention Office at 480-644-2622, for a replacement.

I paid for the permit  have not received it, what do I do?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing. If you have not received the Fire Safety Operational Permit after the allotted time please call at 480-644-2622.


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