Automatic Fire Sprinklers

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Why Fire Sprinklers?

Annually fires kill more people in the United States than all natural disasters. More than 4,500 individuals perish in fires each year, with eighty-percent (80%) of all deaths occurring in homes. It is our mission to make the citizens of Mesa safe from fire by protecting them where they live and work. By the year 2010, the city population is projected to be over 600,000. If we start now, almost half of our homes and businesses could be protected in ten short years.

What are the Fire Code Requirements

Currently, the City of Mesa Fire Code does not require that fire sprinklers be installed in new one and two family dwellings.  However, the Mesa Fire Code does require that homebuilders offer fire sprinklers as an option to home buyers.  The actual wording of the Mesa Code falls under Section 903.2.3.    

What this means is that all buyers of new homes should be receiving fire sprinkler information from the sales office, so that they may make a more informed decision about the value of fire sprinklers in their new home.  Based on national data, the cost of fire sprinklers should range from 1% - 2% of the cost of the home.  For example, a fire sprinkler system in a $300,000 home should cost between $3000-$6000.  Because many insurance companies now offer discounts for these life saving systems, your monthly cost would most likely be well under $30, less than $1 a day.  This is a small price to pay to know that your family will be protected from fire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There has never been a documented fire death in a home protected by fire sprinklers, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

In addition, fire sprinklers may be an acceptable alternative or requirement where fire apparatus access road requirements cannot be accomplished (Section 503.1.1) or in other special circumstances such as where fire flows are not available from hydrants as required by appendix B & C of the Mesa Fire Code.

  • 3,298 significant structure fires
  • $45,007,000 fire loss
  • 173 fire injuries in the past three years, including firefighters and civilians
  • 35 fatalities, 18 of which may have been prevented with a sprinkler system

Watch for the Mesa Fire Department's Mobile Education Unit Fire Sprinkler trailer which makes appearances at the City of Mesa special events. You will be able to view a demonstration of an actual fire as it starts, and how quickly one automatic fire sprinkler can control the fire.


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