Medical and/or Fire Reports:

Shari Cobb    Records Coordinator

Pam Wapniarski    Office Assistant


The Records Division develops, plans, organizes and coordinates the Computerized Records Management, retention, retrieval, storage, and disposition functions for the Fire Department. They also communicate with the general public, other City employees, and representatives of public, city, state, county, and federal agencies in providing information, answering inquiries, and responding to sensitive requests. 

Medical Report Release:

These records are confidential and require a notarized signature of the patient. In the event of a death, the next of kin may obtain these records if they can produce a copy of either the death/birth certificate or power of attorney papers, along with a letter of request and self-addressed stamped envelope.
Attorney Request:
Letterhead request indicating the patient's name, date, time and location of incident along with a Medical Authorization Release Form signed by the patient/next of kin and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Procedure for Requesting Records:
Please complete the Incident Record Request form and mail your request and self addressed stamped envelope to:

Mesa Fire Records/Technical Services
20 E Main St, Suite 650
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, Az.  85211-1466
Medical information is protected by HIPPA rules and regulations.  Reports will only be released to:

  • Patients with a notarized signature of the patient.
  • Attorney's with a medical authorization release signed by the patient
  • Power of attorney papers
  • For parents of minors: must have a copy of birth/death certificate as well as a notarized signature.
  • Spouses or next of kin without power of attorney; copy of birth/death certificate as well as a notarized signature
  • Police agencies - waiver signed by the patient
  • Subpoena's
Fire and Medical Records Inquiries
Please call:
Mesa Fire Department Records
(480) 644-3526
Monday - Thursday (excluding holidays) 7:00am-6:00pm

To help facilitate your request, please be prepared to provide the incident date, type, time and location.  This will allow us to obtain your incident number to complete your request process.
 Normal requests are processed within 48 hours, but may take longer in some instances depending upon the type and number of reports requested.


Cost for Records:

1-6 pages      no charge

7-50 page      $5.00, $.20 each page over 50 pages




            $5.00 for Investigative Photos

            $5.00 for 9-1-1 tapes


Requests for large quantities of records may require the addition of clerical staff time charges to collect and process information.


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