Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The HUD funded program provides rental assistance to low-income families for decent, safe, and sanitary housing by contracting with private owners and subsidizing a portion of the family’s monthly rent.

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For current program participants


Notice to Vacate Reasonable Accommodation
Portability Request Self-Certification


Optional listings for available rental units

New Landlord Info and Inspections

Moving with continued Voucher Assistance (Section 8) - Port-in or Port-out State

Family Self-Sufficiency Program


Contact your assigned Housing Specialist
Last Name Contact  
A - D Jennifer Hedges 480-644-3547
E - Ke Christine Delmastro 480-644-5602
Ki - Re Debbie Gevert 480-644-5223
Rh - Z Maribel Flores 480-644-3563
VASH, Voucher-Homeowner, Shelter+ Care, Port-in Rosario Beltran 480-644-3539
Waiting List   480-644-3536
Supervisor Mary Brandon 480-644-5852

Reports & Plan

Public Notices

2015 Utility Allowance

2014 Utility Allowance

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