Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

The City of Mesa has participated in the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program since 1988. During this time, the City has funded projects that assist in the provision of emergency shelter and/or prevention activities for the homeless or those at risk of being homeless.

To be eligible for funding, activities must either be: Undertake renovation, major rehabilitation or conversion of buildings for use as emergency shelters for the homeless; or  Provide essential services to the homeless; or Provide for payment of maintenance, operation costs - (i.e.: rent, utilities, insurance, security, repairs or furnishings, etc.); or development and implementation of homeless prevention activities (with qualifying criteria).

ESG funds are part of an annual award process.  Policy Guidelines for ESG

The City of Mesa Housing and Community Development Department facilitates an annual application process for the CDBG, ESG, HOME and Human Services Programs. All non-profit agencies are encouraged to apply. To be eligible for funding, a representative from your non-profit agency must attend one of the program-specific mandatory training sessions offered each fiscal year.

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