FY 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan Process


Consolidated Plan (includes Citizen Participation Plan)

WFN Consulting has been selected as the consultant that is responsible for developing and implementing a Five-Year Consolidated Plan FY 2015 - FY 2019 and a One-Year Action Plan for the program year beginning FY 2015 in accordance with HUD requirements. WFN Consulting is in the initial phase of preparing the City of Mesa’s Consolidated Plan covering the five-year period July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2019.  Additionally a completed Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI) study will be completed concurrently and submitted in along with the strategic plan.
The preparation of a Consolidated Plan is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a pre-requisite for receiving formula grant funds.  The formula grant programs include the Community Development Block Grant, Home Investment Partnerships Program, Emergency Solutions Grant and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS.  The Plan is implemented through five annual Action Year Plans that allocate grant funds to specific program activities during a particular year.


Background Information and Purpose

The Consolidated Plan is a requirement of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); it is five-year strategic plan that details the goals for Community Planning and Development entitlement programs. The City of Mesa’s Consolidated Plan requirements are set forth in 24 CFR 91 subparts A, B, C and F (see attached) and in accordance with instructions prescribed by HUD, including tables and narratives.

The City of Mesa administers four HUD entitlement funds to meet the housing and community development needs of low- and moderate- income families. These federal programs include: Community Development Block grants (CDBG), the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), the HOME Investment Partnerships, and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), these programs are targeted to low- and moderate-income persons and the neighborhoods where they live in addition to the activities which aid in the prevention or elimination of slums and blight.

The mission of the City of Mesa is to render priority affordable housing, homeless assistance and supportive housing programs for the community in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Another mission is also to preserve and revitalize neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life for Mesa residents. The final mission is to address priority community public services, community development, economic development and redevelopment needs within applicable local, state and federal statutes and regulations.
The City of Mesa welcomes written comments. Please send your comments regarding the Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, or the Analysis of Impediments to jlynn@wfnconsulting.com. Alternatively, you may mail your comments directly to:

City of Mesa Housing and Community Development Department
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