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Credit Union

Arizona Federal Credit Union membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school within Maricopa County Pinal County.  They offer savings accounts, loan, no-fee checking account with a Visa check card or for a Visa credit card, direct deposit, and numerous other services.  Contact them at (602) 683-1000 or visit their web site, www.azfcu.org to obtain the site location closest to you.

Free Parking

All employee parking is free.

Donated Leave Program

The City of Mesa has established a program for the donation of accrued vacation leave to employees who, due to a serious illness or injury to self or immediate family, have used all their accrued sick and vacation leave and are placed in a position of extreme financial hardship.
Employees who have depleted their accrued sick and vacation leave as a result of their serious illness or injury may request through their Department Manager access to the Donated Leave Program using the following guidelines:

Employees who have used the allowable thirty sick days and depleted accrued vacation leave as a result of caring for an immediate family member with a serious illness or injury may request through their Department Manager access to the Donated Leave Program. Immediate family means spouse, child, stepchild, parent, stepparent or grandparent.
Employees who are approved for the Donated Leave Program will then be allowed to receive donations of vacation leave from fellow City employees in order that they may receive income during their period of serious illness or injury.

The donor employee may only donate vacation leave. At the time of donation, the full-time donor employee must have at least 40 hours accrued vacation and the benefited part-time employee must have at least 20 hours accrued vacation. A donor employee will have to donate a minimum of four hours vacation to the Donated Leave Program.

The donor employee will use a Leave of Absence Request form to designate the donation in the name of the employee to receive the donation.
All donated leave becomes the permanent property of the receiving employee. All unused leave will be retained by that employee and will not be returned or reimbursed to the donor employee.
Hours of leave will be donated, not the actual wage of the donor employee.

Donations will not be allowed to be made to the employee's immediate supervisor.
When the employee returns to work, whether full-time or part-time, they are not eligible to receive additional donations for that illness. Donations received after the employee's return to work will be credited back to the donating employee's vacation accrual.

Payroll Direct Deposit

If driving to the bank or credit union and standing in line to deposit your paycheck is loosing its appeal, direct deposit is for you!  You can pick up direct deposit enrollment forms in the Payroll office or obtain them off of the City's Intranet.  Your paycheck can be deposited in up to six (6) different bank or credit union accounts (with the exception of Arizona Federal Credit Union as their system can only accept one direct deposit per account number).  

Alcohol Misuse Prev Plan

Anti-Drug Prev Plan



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