Neighborhood Registration Program

What is a Registered Neighborhood?

Registered Neighborhoods are neighborhoods that are formed by residents and property owners within a defined set of boundaries and registered with the City of Mesa. Registered neighborhoods range in size from several blocks to several square miles. Registered Neighborhood can consist of individual and combined block watches, newly developing as well as existing neighborhood organizations, and formal homeowners associations.   There are currently 415 active neighborhood groups that have registered through the Neighborhood Registration Program.

What are the Benefits of Registering my Neighborhood?

Newly registered neighborhoods will receive a registered neighborhood notebook with information on City and community programs/services, resources and helpful hints on organizing effectively, and a detailed map of the neighborhood.  The following benefits are also available to registered neighborhoods: Notification from developers interested in obtaining input on projects planned for their area, enhanced communication through bi-monthly email distribution, meeting facilitation interdepartmental coordination, and much more.

How do I Register My Neighborhood?

In order to register your neighborhood, residents should contact their neighborhood outreach coordinator.  Each registered neighborhood needs to identify a resident neighbor as a primary contact and two to ten additional neighbors as active neighbors.

Registered Neighborhoods

Map of Registered Neighborhoods

Map of Registered Neighborhoods Per Council District

Council District 1 Council District 2 Council District 3
Council District 4 Council District 5 Council District 6


For more information concerning the Neighborhood Registration Program, please contact a Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator in your area.  Find the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator for your area.




Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhood Outreach
20 E. Main Street, Suite 250
Mesa, AZ 85211

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211


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Michelle Alvis-White
Volunteer Coordinator
(480) 644-3705 Direct

Andrea Alicoate
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 2 & 6
(480) 644-5034 Direct
Lindsey Balinkie
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 4 & 5
(480) 644-5434 Direct

Cynthia Ezcurra-Garza
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 1 & 3
(480) 644-5889 Direct

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