Alley Gating Program

You may have noticed alley gates in nearby neighborhoods. The City has begun the process of gating alleys in Mesa. The goal of gating alleys is to provide residents with an alternative to maintaining a safer and better controlled alley. Gating the alley limits access to alleys with locked gates to reduce crime, noise, littering, illegal dumping, and loitering.

Residents will be notified by door hanger about the alley behind their property getting gated. When gates are installed, locks will be provided with each gate. Every homeowner along the alley will receive a key to the gate and retain access to the alley. The key will be attached to the door hanger. Trespassing can be enforced on all gated alleyways on individuals that do not live in homes along the alley.
Alleys remain city-owned public rights-of-way for utility easements when gated. Homeowners are not allowed to move private walls or fences into the alley area.
Alley maintenance will continue to be the responsibility of the Mesa homeowner or occupant of the property that abuts the alley per Mesa Code:

  • Section 8-6-3(C) all persons owning or occupying land or places of business within the City shall keep the public places fronting or bordering their property free of garbage, junk, obstructions and weeds or grass in excess of nine inches.

  • Section 8-6-3(D) no owner or occupant of land shall allow or permit trees, shrubs, or plant growth on that land to impede, obstruct, or interfere with the passage of any street, sidewalk, or alley within the City or the visibility of any traffic control device or signal.


The timeline for the entire alley access change process will be determined by available funding.
Please contact the Neighborhood Outreach Office to obtain more information, 480-644-5700.
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Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhood Outreach
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