Neighborhood Outreach

The Neighborhood Outreach Office strives to provide a quick response and collaborative problem solving to Mesa residents concerned with neighborhood safety, appearance, and cohesiveness. We build community and maintain quality neighborhoods through a range of programs, education, resources, one-on-one assistance, volunteerism, and outreach.  
We support neighborhood efforts that build healthy, lasting connections among neighbors because we believe that great neighborhoods start with knowing your neighbors. Knowing your neighbors well enough to talk with them is the first and most fundamental step to creating a friendly, safe and welcoming community. 


Questions? Contact:
Michelle Alvis-White
Volunteer Coordinator
Neighborhood Outreach
tel. 480.644.3705

Neighborhood Outreach
Volunteer Activities

The goal of the Neighborhood Outreach Volunteer Program is to improve the quality of life for Mesa residents and volunteers through valuable public service projects.  Volunteers work with neighbors, non-profits and city departments to serve the community members of Mesa.

Community volunteer projects are designed for groups large and small.  See below for several types of volunteer opportunities available to help build a better Mesa.   For groups larger than 25 please contact Michelle Alvis-White, Neighborhood Outreach Volunteer Coordinator at or 480-644-3705.

Current Opportunities:

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What is the Building Strong Neighborhoods Initiative?

Established in 2006 the Building Strong Neighborhoods (BSN) Initiative is a comprehensive neighborhood program led by the Neighborhood Outreach Office and the community to preserve and strengthen Mesa's neighborhoods. 

The BSN Initiative addresses the unique needs and diverse issues in a wide variety of neighborhoods throughout the city.  Through the BSN Initiative, residents assist in identifying and prioritizing neighborhood concerns while working with a variety of city departments to address these issues.  During the four-week BSN Initiative, residents and businesses are provided with education, training and access to existing resources to address neighborhood issues.  Neighborhood Action Teams are formed to create solutions to concerns identified by the neighborhood.   Our objective is to provide meaningful and positive change in neighborhoods and for residents become better organized and engaged in their community.

For more information on Neighborhoods currently participating in the BSN Initiative, please see below or contact the Outreach Coordinator for your district.  Find the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator for your area or what district you live in

Current Building Strong Neighborhoods Surveys

Surveys are a useful tool to assist in identifying issues and concerns in neighborhoods.  If you live in a current BSN neighborhood, we encourage you to participate by completing and submitting a survey.  The Neighborhood Outreach Office uses the information collected through the surveys to work with residents on initiatives to improve the neighborhood.   Following the collection of this information an introductory kick-off meeting will be held and the results of the survey will be shared.  During the BSN Initiatives residents have the opportunity to meet with City staff and community agencies to learn about programs and resources that can be utilized to improve neighborhoods.   
We appreciate your time and value your opinion.  Please complete the survey by clicking on your selected area/district.

2014 / 2015 Building Stronger Neighborhood Areas

Council District  Date   Neighborhood Boundaries

September 30, 2014

University to Main / Phyllis to Dobson


October 14, 2014

Broadway to Pueblo / Alma School to Longmore


December 9, 2014

32nd Street to Val Vista / Pueblo to Southern

1 January 2015

Mesa Dr. to Horne / 6th St. to Brown

5 April 2, 2015 Thomas to Red Mountain 202/Arabella to Reynolds
6 May 2015 TBD

Neighborhood Outreach

Neighborhood Outreach
20 E. Main Street, Suite 250
Mesa, AZ 85211

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211


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Michelle Alvis-White
Volunteer Coordinator
(480) 644-3705 Direct

Andrea Alicoate
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 2 & 6
(480) 644-5034 Direct
Lindsey Balinkie
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 4 & 5
(480) 644-5434 Direct

Cynthia Ezcurra-Garza
Outreach Coordinator
Council Districts 1 & 3
(480) 644-5889 Direct

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