Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

Love Your Block

Who is Eligible

Individuals, Neighborhoods, Community Groups, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, Schools or any Group Regularly Benefiting Neighborhoods and Communities.
Individual recipients of this program must be either physically and/or financially unable to complete the project themselves and must meet certain eligibility criteria. Preference is given to residents facing financial and physical limitations.   
To be eligible for the program individual recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Own their home, which must be located in the City of Mesa boundaries.
  • Have no city liens on the property.
  • Be current and up to date on any mortgage on the property.
  • Owner, and those residing within the home, must be unable to complete scope of work on their own due to limited financial resources and/or physical limitations. 


How to Apply
Please submit the application and include pictures of the property if able.    If you meet the eligibility requirements the Neighborhood Outreach Office will contact you once your application is received to obtain additional information to arrange a site visit to gather additional information on the scope of work that needs to be completed.  Prior to any work being completed individual recipients will be asked to sign a private property permission form. If/when a project matches a volunteer request the project will then be organized and completed.  You, or a representative you appoint, will be asked to communicate with volunteers and will be required to be on site during project days.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program and Eligibility Criteria

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program Application

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All decisions concerning applicants, recipients and projects are at the discretion of the Neighborhood Outreach Office.  There is no guarantee that any applicant or recipient will be accepted or project be completed.


Please contact Laura Rodriguez, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Coordinator at 480-644-6536 or 




Neighborhood Outreach

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