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Week of 7/21/14
    • 7/22-  Dive Championships 5pm @ Shepherd
    • 7/23-  Synchro Team Routine Championships 5pm @ Kino
    • 7/24-  Swim Championships 5pm @ Kino


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Congratulations to all of our swimmers who swam in Divisionals, you all did an amazing job and definitely impressed us coaches! For those of you who qualified in the top 16, the Championship meet is Thursday, July 24th.  Swimmers should be there at 4:00pm for warm-ups, and the meet will start at 5:00pm. The meet will run in the same order as Divisionals: Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke, and I.M.

This is just a friendly reminder that the 13 and older practices have been pushed back a half-hour due to a decrease in swimmers attending practice; so practice will be from 7:00am- 8:00am. Also, Coach Lauren will not be at practice this week due to other commitments; however, Coach Anthony, Bethani, and Dani will all be there anxiously awaiting to give lots of last minute stroke correction before the big meet.

This summer has been so great coaching the Taylor Torpedo’s! The last day of practice is Thursday, July 24th. We hope you all enjoyed the summer as much as we coaches have, and we can't wait to see you again next summer. Have a great school year!


APRA- Swimmers Classic

The swimmers classic is an optional meet. For this meet you will swim against different cities. This will be on Saturday, July 26rd. The early bird online registration from now until 7/7 is $20.00. Online registration from 7/8-7/16 the registration fee is $25.00. Late registration fees after 7/16 will be taken on a limited basis at Kino Pool, the entry fee will be $45.00 and it must be completed by 6:30-7:00am at the meet. The website to register is www.azpra.org; it is a super fun meet. For more information please ask a swim coach we have flyers with more information.


Taylor Swim Caps

As we all know our time at Taylor pool is coming to an end, and next year we will be at a new facility. Make sure you purchase a Taylor swim cap for $3.50 before they’re gone!

They can be purchased at Taylor pool, as well at Kino pool for the championship meet.


Fall League

If you are interested in continuing to swim a little bit longer, the City offers a Fall League program. You can register online at Mesaaz.gov/parksrec. For more questions please as a swim coach, or grab a flyer from the lifeguard office!  

Championship Qualifiers

6 and under:

Elizabeth Heslop: Freestyle (1st alt), butterfly (11th)

Max Shumway: Freestyle (14th), Backstroke (14th)

Aaron Giannetti: Backstroke (2nd alt), Butterfly (9th)



Mollie Ashcroft: Freestyle (4th); Backstroke (1st), Butterfly (2nd)

Shay Smith: 6th Backstroke (6th), breaststroke (4th), I.M. (7th)

Aiden Nelson: Butterfly (11th)

Michael Garn: Butterfly (16th), I.M. (15th)

Madi Lane: I.M. (10th)



Quincy Cummard: Freestyle (4th)

Drew Shumway: Freestyle (7th), backstroke (5th), I.M. (5th).

Maxwell Garn: Freestyle (11th), I.M. (6th)

Maya Rockwood: Backstroke (2nd alt)

Connor Cook: Backstroke (13th)

Olivia Landrey: Butterfly (8th), Breaststroke (1st), I.M. (2nd)

Metalyah Bretz: I.M. (11th)

Quin Shumway: Breaststroke (13th)

Wyatt Landrey: Breaststroke (14th)

Evan Smith: Breaststroke (15th), I.M. (13th)

Isaac Duemler: Breaststroke (16th).



Macy Rudd: Freestyle (10th), Backstroke (11th), Breaststroke (1st alt)

Morgan Keeton: Freestyle (7th), Backstroke (13th), Breaststroke (8th)

Abbey Ashcroft: Freestyle (2nd), Backstroke (3rd), Butterfly (3rd)

Alayna Landrey: Backstroke (7th), Butterfly (11th), Breaststroke (2nd)

Adam Williams: Freestyle (7th), Butterfly (6th), I.M. (6th)

Nate Smith: Freestyle (9th), Butterfly (12th), Breaststroke (8th)

Parker Cummard: Freestyle (8th)

Jaoquin Tarango: Butterfly (1st Alt), I.M. (16th)

Angel Nance: Butterfly (15th)



Julia Ramsay: Freestyle (15th), Butterfly (11th), Breaststroke (13th)

Emily Landrey: freestyle (17th), butterfly (13th), I.M. (12th)

Tori Cole: Backstroke (11th)

Kelsey Reed: Breaststroke (14th)

Francisco (Gabe) Arciniega: Freestyle (2nd), Butterfly (1st), I.M. (2nd)

Jared Nichols: Freestyle (13th) Breaststroke (10th)

Chandler Loper: Freestyle (6th), Backstroke (3rd), Breaststroke (8th)

Kolton Barton: Freestyle (11th), Breaststroke (7th)

Diego Tarango: Backstroke (5th), breaststroke (5th), I.M. (1st)

Patrick Green: Butterfly (5th), Breaststroke (11th), I.M. (9th)

Ryan Hanson: Butterfly (10th)



Charissa Betz: freestyle (6th), Butterfly (7th)

Cassie Loper: Butterfly (4th), Breaststroke (1st), I.M. (    )

Jason Aston: Freestyle (7th), Backstroke (2nd), I.M. (   )

Chris Loper: Freestyle (1st), Butterfly (   ), I.M. (   )


Please let the coaches know as soon as possible if you cannot attend the championship meet. Only the top 16 swimmers get the chance to compete, therefore; if you are unable to attend we would like give the alternates the opportunity to swim!


Dive Team

Congratulations divers! I don’t know about you guys, but I had a great time at the team party this past weekend! You have all done awesome this summer and I am so proud of all of you that have qualified for this championship meet! I had a great summer coaching you and I am disappointed to see the summer come to an end! Championships are this Tuesday at Shepard! I will be writing down dives at practice to make dive sheets and all divers will have to sign their sheet. Make sure that your diver has written down their dives with me!

Times to arrive Meet starts at 5:00

  • 8 and under- 4:15 (Stretch, Warm ups will start promptly at 4:30)

  • 9-10- 5:30

  • 11-12- 6:00

  • 13-17- 6:30


  • Tuesday is our last day of dive practice

  • If you have any questions or concerns please come see me and I will answer them for you!


Synchronized Swimming Team

Meet: This week is our Team Championships!!!!! It will take place at Kino Aquatic Center, Wednesday, July 23rd. Both teams will need to arrive by 6pm.

Knoxing: Everyone's knox jobs were wonderful for the Duet and Trio Championships! Keep it up for the Team Championships and arrive at the pool fully knoxed!

Costumes: The Synchro coaches were in charge of making the costumes for this meet and they are looking good! Each costume cost $5, which will be due to the coach in charge of your team routine by Championships.

One last note, I have absolutely loved working with all of your girls this summer and I am really sad to have to say goodbye. I hope to see them again next summer!










Contact Information

Taylor Aquatic Complex

Head Swim Coach -
Coach Lauren

Head Dive Coach -
Coach Kyler

Head Synchro Coach -
Coach Shannon


Competitive Specialist -

Lynn Adkins - 480-644-4226

Leah Ruane - 480-644-4226