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Parks and Recreation 2012 Bond Program

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On November 6, 2012 Mesa voters approved the Parks Bond Program. Now that the $70 million bond program has been approved, it's time to build.

The 2012 Parks and Recreation Bond Program focuses on five areas:
1.    Parks Conversion and Improvement Projects
2.    Community Partnership Projects
3.    iMesa Park Renovation and Enhancement Projects
4.    iMesa New Park Development Projects
5.    iMesa Bike and Pedestrian Path Projects

Park Conversion and Improvement Projects - These projects develop city-owned vacant land into usable park space and meet Federal land exchange requirements due to the redevelopment of Riverview Park.  Locations include:

1.    Signal Butte/Elliot
2.    Medina/Hawes
3.    McDowell/Recker
4.    McKellips/Ellsworth

Total cost for Park Conversion and Improvement Projects - $7,250,000

Community Partnership Projects - These projects are completed in partnership with Mesa Public Schools to convert school properties into parks.

1.    Community Conversion Project (Mesa Jr. High)
2.    West Mesa Sports Complex (Powell/Mesa Education Center)

Total cost for Community Partnership Projects - $8,700,000

iMesa Park Renovation and Enhancement Projects -   Residents recognize the need for renovation and enhancement to existing parks.  The following parks will be renovated or enhanced:

1.    Pioneer Park
2.    Riverview Park
3.    Museum and Cultural Resources Expansion (Federal Building)
4.    Mesa High Regional Aquatic Center
5.    Greenfield Park Urban Fishing Lake
6.    Existing park improvements in playgrounds, shading, field lighting, and irrigation systems

Total cost for iMesa Park Renovation and Enhancement Projects - $37,800,000

iMesa New Park Development Projects - Residents suggested a desire to expand park systems and provide additional amenities.  The following projects are chosen:

1.    Buckhorn Baths
2.    Monterey Park
3.    Mesa City Center

Total cost for iMesa New Park Development Projects - $10,750,000

iMesa Bike and Pedestrian Paths - These projects provide enhanced connections to neighborhoods, transit, and recreation opportunities.  Projects include:

1.    Riverview/Rio Salado
2.    West Mesa Connector
3.    Southeast Mesa Bike and Pedestrian Path Project

Total cost for iMesa Bike and Pedestrian Paths - $5,500,000


Total project costs - $70,000,000
Total operation and maintenance cost - $2,225,000 (phased in over the next 3-4 years)
Completion time frame - 4 years
Annual cost per average assessed property value - $24.84 (annually) or $2.07 (monthly)

These 18 projects, plus infrastructure improvements in existing parks, reach residents throughout the City of Mesa and include a variety of recreational assets such as youth and adult sports fields, open turf areas, playgrounds, and trails.

Each project has been through the past iMesa process beginning as an idea from the community and working its way through the iMesa Steering Committee, City of Mesa staff for feasibility, advisory boards for recommendation, a call for an election from Mesa City Council, and voted on by the residents of Mesa. 

Mesa Parks, Recreation and Commercial Facilities Department will be coordinating the projects and will be re-engaging the community to update specific project needs.  For more information about the Parks and Recreation Bond Projects, please contact: Andrea Moore, PRCF Planning and Development, at (480) 644-2643,

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