Softball Schedules

Welcome to the City of Mesa Adult Softball program schedules page.  Schedules are posted below by league.  In the event of weather cancellations, check this webpage for rescheduled game times.  All posted schedules are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader.  Schedules may print out differently than they are viewed in the browser.  If problems are encountered viewing/reading the schedules, or questions arise regarding the schedules, please contact Tiffany.


2014 Summer Schedules  

Kleinman Schedules   Red Mountain Schedules
      Monday CRB-5, MB-3
Wednesday CRC-1   Tuesday MC-2, MB+1
Thursday MC-6   Wednesday WB-1, MB-5
Friday CRD-1   Thursday MC-4, MB+2
      Friday CRC-2, CRB+1
      Sunday CRC-4, CRB+2


      Skyline Schedules
Monday     Monday CRC-6, MC-1
Tuesday     Tuesday MC-7,MB-4
Wednesday     Wednesday MC-3, MB-6
Thursday     Thursday MC-5, MB-7
Friday     Friday CRC-3, CRB-3
Sunday     Sunday CRC-5, CRB-4