Tournament Brackets

Welcome to the City of Mesa Adult Softball tournament brackets page.  Brackets are posted below after the completion of leagues.  All posted brackets are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader.  Brackets may print out differently than they are viewed in your browser.  If you have any problems viewing/reading the brackets, or questions regarding the brackets, please contact Tiffany.


Current League: Winter 2015


Men's Tournament Day & Park   CoRec Tournament Day & Park
MB+1 3/17/15 RM   CRB-1 & CRB-3
3/20/15 SKY
      CRB-2 & CRB-4 3/22/15 SKY
MB-3 3/16/15 SKY      
MB-4 3/17/15 RM   CRC-1 3/18/15 KL
MB-5 & MB-6 3/18/14 RM   CRC-2 & CRC-3 3/20/15 SKY
MB-5 & MB-6 3/18/15 SKY   CRC-4 & CRC-5 3/22/15 SKY
MB-7 3/26/15 SKY      
MC-1 3/16/15 SKY      
MC-2 3/17/15 RM   CRD-1 3/20/15 KL
MC-3 3/18/14 SKY   CRD-1 3/20/15 KL
MC-4, MC-5 & MC-6 3/26/15 SKY      
CoRec Tournament Day & Park   Women's Tournament Day & Park
      WB 3/18/15 RM




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